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Old 03-02-2012
Redirect Topas output to a file


I want to know how to redirect the output of topas -P to a file in a readable format. I tried doing it by using
topas -P > topas.txt but the output is not properly aligned and when I opened it using vi it ahd some characters.

Please help me out in this.


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Old 03-02-2012
Interactive commands like topas use terminal control sequences to refresh the screen, move the cursor, and the like. Their output won't make sense when viewed with anything except a terminal. This is a frequent question and there's not much of a good solution. Sometimes stripping out the control sequences is enough but more often that just ruins it more, since the text may have been drawn in arbitrary order.

What information are you trying to get, precisely? There's probably more suitable noninteractive programs to get it.
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