PCC-F-NOERRFILE, unable to open error message file, facility PR2

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Old 03-10-2005
PCC-F-NOERRFILE, unable to open error message file, facility PR2

I am trying to build a tuxedo server which in turn depends on several Pro*C programs. I am doing it on HP-UX system.
It looks to me that the ORACLE_HOME is set properly.
But I am getting error message when trying to build.
PCC-F-NOERRFILE, unable to open error message file, facility PR2
exit code 2

Could someone please let me know how to resolve this issue?
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Old 03-11-2005
enter the command:


You should see that Pro*C can find its default config file:

The "/dsw/app/oracle/product/920" maybe different on your system, but it is $ORACLE_HOME.

The error you are getting indicates that Pro*C cannot find component files, specifically it tried to give you an error message and could not find the error text file.
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