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sar -d output... does not make sense

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Old 11-28-2011
sar -d output... does not make sense

Can someone explain the correlation between how sar names the disk drives and how the rest of the OS names the disk drives?

sar lists my disk drives as sd0, sd1, sd2, etc.....

while format lists my disk drives as c1t0d0, c1t1d0, c1t2d0,etc...

And also why sar shows 8 disks but format only shows 7?
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Old 11-28-2011
I'm guessing you are using Solaris? If so, this will translate disk instance name to system name:
iostat -xn sd0

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Old 11-28-2011
Yes, you are correct. Sorry I left that part out. Thank you for that translation option with iostat Smilie

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