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DIG uses localhost

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DIG uses localhost


I have these entries in the /etc/esolv.conf:
domain xxxxxx
search yyyyyy
nameserver  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nameserver  bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


When I use 'dig' or 'nslookup' command, like 'dig' it uses the localhost as the server.

I do have another system wher the resolv.conf is same, but it uses the first entry in the nameserver, i.e. 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa'.

Could anyone help me to understand this diff.

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On this system dig also uses the first nameserver entry, which is (= localhost).
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Presumably, you mean /etc/resolv.conf
If the first entry does not have a running name server daemon, dig tries the next server in the list..

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