fork: Resource temporarily unavailable , server unexpectedly unavailable network connection

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Old 09-12-2011
MySQL fork: Resource temporarily unavailable , server unexpectedly unavailable network connection

Solaris 10 Server refuse to connect Smilie
fork: Resource temporarily unavailable , server unexpectedly unavailable network connection , refuse error, disconnect message, fatal error type2, (protocol error type2)

Issue has been resolved after taken few steps Smilie
First of all need to check whether your server's virtual memory is busy or not with specific logs like, sendmail , logs, var messages and any other application logs.
Need to login through console/ALOM
you can use this command to check specific process in count
 # ps -ef |grep sendmail | wc -l
>If count numbers are more then
>Disable sendmail
#svcs disable sendmail
# cd /va/spool/sendmail
#rm * OR 
# kill -9 `ps -ef |grep sendmail |awk {'print $2'}`

as well as also remove
mailq, mail.local and qmail too
Once you sure all kind of above logs and mail are removed then check server will allow to login Smilie


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Old 09-13-2011
I found it handy to have several xterms already running, so I could deal with a full swap device, even if I had to sacrifice them using 'exec' when I could not create new processes using fork. As not-root, I could 'exec rm -rf /tmp' relatively harmlessly and give back some tmp space as swap on Solaris, where tmp is mounted on swap.
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