v$sql not display correct sql_text

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Old 08-12-2011
v$sql not display correct sql_text

Hi folks,

I am facing one problem with v$sql, i need to store updating sql query in temp table when one trigger get fired on some update sql statement.

but with "sql_text" , i am not getting correct update statement in temp table.

I am getting sql_text with this cursor statement.

select ltrim(sq.sql_text)
from v$sql sq,
v$session se,
v$open_cursor oc
where sq.address = oc.address and
se.saddr = oc.saddr and
se.sid = oc.sid and
se.audsid = SYS_CONTEXT('userenv','sessionid');

while i am firing update statement like this
update so_schdg_call set SCHDG_CALL_STATUS__CODE='01' where so_sub_item__id='2021S00552.1.1'; - through trigger this statement should stored in temp table.

while looking the temp table content
select * from TMPSOSCHDGCALLLOG where so_sub_item__id='2021S00552.1.1';

i am getting statement like this -

2021S00552.1.1   SICOMDBA  amitps  update so_schdg_call set SCHDG_CALL_STATUS__CODE='01' where so_sub_item__id='1018202235.249.1

while statement should print like -
update so_schdg_call set SCHDG_CALL_STATUS__CODE='01' where so_sub_item__id='2021S00552.1.1';

Please advise why this type of descripency occurs with v$sql.


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