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Old 07-06-2011
Update file from a given wrapper

Hello Friends,

I am trying to generate a status file which will be updated when users run a given shell wrapper.

Above is pretty straight forward.

Since the program is open to all users, the status file should have open access for all.
That has the inherent loop hole of anybody modifying it externally as well.

Looking to restrict the status file to get updates when run only from the given program.
All options welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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foo2zjs-pstops(1)					      General Commands Manual						 foo2zjs-pstops(1)

foo2zjs-pstops - Add PS code for foo2*-wrapper SYNOPSIS
foo2zjs-pstops [options] [file] DESCRIPTION
Add PS code for foo2zjs-wrapper. COMMAND LINE OPTIONS
These are the options that can appear on the command line. -a Accurate screens code. -c CIE Color. -n Neuter CUPS cupsPSLevel2 -r Rotate 90 degrees clockwise. -w Well Tempered Screens code. -D level Set Debug level [0]. FILES
/usr/bin/foo2zjs-pstops SEE ALSO
foo2hp2600-wrapper(1), foo2lava-wrapper(1), foo2oak-wrapper(1), foo2qpdl-wrapper(1), foo2slx-wrapper(1), foo2xqx-wrapper(1), foo2zjs-wrap- per(1) AUTHOR
Rick Richardson <rick.richardson@comcast.net> http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/