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Old 06-11-2011
The issue here is to delete any \r char in the file, since windows uses \r\n and unix only accepts \n, the sed/tr/vi commands tries to acomplish the same effect on the file, to delete the \r char which is presented as a terminator on each line.
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Old 06-11-2011

If you use editor vim, you may be interested in fileformat. Here's a help excerpt:
                                        *'fileformat'* *'ff'*
'fileformat' 'ff'       string (MS-DOS, MS-Windows, OS/2 default: "dos",
                                Unix default: "unix",
                                Macintosh default: "mac")
                        local to buffer
                        {not in Vi}
        This gives the <EOL> of the current buffer, which is used for
        reading/writing the buffer from/to a file:
            dos     <CR> <NL>
            unix    <NL>
            mac     <CR>
        When "dos" is used, CTRL-Z at the end of a file is ignored.
        See |file-formats| and |file-read|.

Briefly, one uses:
:set fileformat=xxx

where xxx is one of unix, dos, mac

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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