Running ksh script from command line

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Running ksh script from command line

I have a ksh script I want to run, but I'm connecting through a telnet and I don't want to FTP the scripts itself.
is there a way of running the script from command line ?
like ksh "The script itself..."

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telnet and ftp are not encrypted ie. unsecure. You should use ssh instead. Setting key authentication with ssh will give you a way like rsh (.rhosts) to execute commands on remote machines without having to type a password in. There are plenty topics in this forum how to set up password-less ssh authentication.
If this is no option for you, you could either use rsh, which as unencrypted too, or use expect to automatically feed your telnet with login, password etc.
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You didn't answer my question.
the question is if there an option to run a ksh script, while sending the entire script as a command.
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Sure, you could use Expect, TCL, etc. to automate the typing of your script on the remote system.

Simple example
$ ksh -c "echo hi there"

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"-c" works, you could also do any of these:

echo 'echo hello' | ksh
cat {sript_file} | ksh
ksh < {script_file}
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