How to get access time of a file upto the precision of seconds?

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Old 03-30-2011
How to get access time of a file upto the precision of seconds?

Hi ,

How can I get the last access time of a file upto the precesion of seconds in Unix.
I cannot use stat as this is not supported.
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Old 03-30-2011
Perl has a built in 'stat' command. Is this available to you?
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Old 03-31-2011
No the stat command is not avaiable to me..
Neither is the anewer command avaiable.

Actually I want to find out if the file was just accessed at the moment..
So to use atime with find is an option but how can I giive 1 sec with it.
PLease help.
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Old 03-31-2011
Hi Kanus,

You can use certainly find command with seconds precision as follow:

 # 10s/(60sXmin)=0.166666667 min
# 1s/(60sXmin)=0.0166666667 min
# 1-) Looking files modified less than 10 seconds ago:
find . -type f -amin -0.166666667

# 2-) Looking files modified less than 1 seconds ago:
find . -type f -amin -0.0166666667

# 3-) Looking files modified between 1 sec and 10 sec ago:
find . -type f -amin +0.01666667 -amin 0.166666667

Options to include this in a script would be:
# Script 1: Print files modified $ns seconds ago:
ns=$(echo "1/60" | bc -l) # ns=Number of seconds=1 in this case
find . -type f -amin -$ns

# Script 2: Print files modified $ns seconds ago, showing date and time:
ns=$(echo "10/60" | bc -l)
last=$(find . -type f -amin -$ns)

for each in $last
ls -l $(basename $each) | awk '{print $6,$7,$8}' 

I hope this can be a start about what you need.

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Old 03-31-2011
Thanx so much for your explaination !!

But the problem is my find coomand doent supoort atime..It gave me the error :
find: bad option -amin

Is there any other method..

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Old 03-31-2011
What Operating System and version do you have?
uname -a

Do you have "root" access and the administrative authority to install aditional software?
The suggestion about using Perl is a good one.

Your post does not imply that you are a "C language" programmer.
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Old 03-31-2011
Hi Kanus

If you want to get only last access time of specific file you could use "ls" command as follow:
ls -ltu --time-style=+%H:%M:%S yourfile # print last access time of yourfile with seconds precision.


ls -l --time=access -u --time-style=+%H:%M:%S yourfile # print last access time of yourfile with seconds precision.

If you want to get recursively (in subfolders too), last access time all files/folders you can do:
ls -lR --time=access -u --sort=time --time-style=+%H:%M:%S # Sorted by time, last accessed on top

Other examples (if "--time, --sort" options don't work in your system) try:
(*All the following examples aren't printed with seconds precision, because --time-style=+FORMAT is missing.
ls -ltu yourfile #access time of yourfile
ls -ltu #sort by, and show, access time all files within folder, except subfolders

ls -ltuR #sort by, and show, access time all files within folder and subfolders

I hope this is near what you need and work in your system.

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