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start instance via GUI

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Old 03-23-2011
start instance via GUI

do you have any recommendation on how to restart instances of several servers via GUI?

a. serverA: tomcat
b. serverB: glassfish

etc etc

I already gave remote script but im thinking of other alternatives though

pls help. thanks

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asadmin-restart-instance(1AS)					   User Commands				     asadmin-restart-instance(1AS)

asadmin-restart-instance, restart-instance - restarts the specified server instance and all the services associated with it SYNOPSIS
restart-instance [--user admin_user] [--password admin_password] [--host localhost] [--port 4848] [--local=false] [--domain domain_name] [--passwordfile filename] [--secure|-s]instance_name Use the restart-instance to restart the instance with the instance name specified. The restart-instance command can be run both locally and remotely. To restart remotely, the administration server must be running on the hostname and port number specified. The user authenticates using the password identified for the administration server. Additionally, the instance must already exist within the domain served by the administration server, and the instance must be running. The restart-instance command is not supported on Windows. OPTIONS
--user administrative user associated for the instance. --password administrative password corresponding to the administrative user. --host host name of the machine hosting the administrative instance. --port administrative port number associated with the administrative host. --local determines if the command should delegate the request to administrative instance or run locally. --domain name of the domain. --passwordfile file containing passwords appropriate for the command (e.g., administrative instance). --secure if true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the administrative instance. OPERANDS
instance_name name of the instance to be restarted. Example 1: Using restart-instance in local mode asadmin> restart-instance --local --domain domain1 server1 Instance server1 started Where: server1 is the name of the instance restarted on the domain1 domain. Example 2: Using restart-instance in remote mode asadmin> restart-instance --user admin --password adminadmin --host bluestar --port 4848 server1 Instance server1 started Where: server1 is the name of the instance restarted. The restarted instance is associated with the user, password, host, and port number specified. EXIT STATUS
0 command executed successfully 1 error in executing the command INTERFACE EQUIVALENT
Server Instance page asadmin-delete-instance(1AS), asadmin-start-instance(1AS), asadmin-create-instance(1AS), asadmin-stop-instance(1AS), asadmin-start- appserv(1AS), asadmin-stop-appserv(1AS), asadmin-start-domain(1AS), asadmin-stop-domain(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-restart-instance(1AS)

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