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arg list too long

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Old 10-27-2004
arg list too long

Does anyone have a solution for arg list too long error.
I have got this from the web but I fail to make any sense out of it
The system could not handle the number of arguments given to a
command or program when it combined those arguments with the
environment's exported shell variables. The argument list limit
is the size of the argument list plus the size of the
environment's exported shell variables.

The easiest solution is to reduce the size of the parent process
environment by unsetting extraneous environment variables. (See
the man page for the shell you're using to find out how to list
and change your environment variables.) Then run the program

An argument list longer than ARG_MAX bytes was presented to a
member of the exec() family of system calls.

The symbolic name for this error is E2BIG, errno=7.
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Old 10-27-2004
Check out the xargs command. Can you post the command that is failing?
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Old 10-27-2004
I have a dirctory(in fact many directories) for which I have to grep
a certain string -In my case a 10 digit number starting with 011
for dir in $dirs
cd $dir
grep '^011.......$' *| cut -f1 -d :
For directories having a lot many files it says
/usr/bin/grep Arg list too long

Would find command help me?
find . -name * -exec egrep '^011......$' /dev/null {} \;

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Old 10-28-2004
I think the find syntax as you have it will have the same problem. If you use xargs like this you may have some luck. I am not anywhere I can test it right now to confirm for you but this syntax may work:

find ./ -print | xargs grep '^011.......$' *| cut -f1 -d :

If you run this from your top level directory where you were running your script, you should get the results you want.
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Old 10-29-2004
find ./ -print | xargs grep '^011.......$' *| cut -f1 -d :
Gives the output while searching in a single directory:
xargs: a single arg was greater than max argsize of 2048 characters

Any Ideas??
# 6  
Old 10-29-2004
Drop the "*" from the grep,

find ./ -print | xargs grep -l '^011.......$'

You also won't need the cut, use -l (ell) to grep to print the matching filenames.

# 7  
Old 10-30-2004
Thanks jazzybob you saved my day!!
But I was wondering why

find ./ -print | xargs grep '^011.......$' *| cut -f1 -d :

did not work in the first place.


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