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Old 03-07-2011
Postfix sender problem

Hi All!

I have a very annoying problem. I have an openSuSE box, running postfix on it. It is configured, to use gmail to send mails. It is working fine, I accept the messages, but the sender is my gmail account, not the linux box. How can I (if I can) configure postfix to send the mails with the right sender?

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FEMAIL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 FEMAIL(8)

femail -- accept mail on behalf of a real MTA SYNOPSIS
femail [-46tv] [-f from] [-F name] [address ...] DESCRIPTION
femail is intended to be used on servers that do not run a real MTA or inside chroot(8) environments. It features a sendmail(8)-compatible command line interface and forwards mail via SMTP to the host given in the config file, an environment variable or localhost. The options are as follows: -4 Only use IPv4. -6 Only use IPv6. -F name Set the sender's name to name. -f from Set the sender address to from. Normally, femail tries to parse the sender from the message, and uses login@hostname if that is not present. -t Read recipients from the message given on stdin, in addition to the recipients given on the command line. -v Enable verbose operation. CONFIG FILE
The config file, /etc/femail.conf, consists of simple name=value pairs. The supported settings are as follows: smtphost Specify the server femail should send the messages to. smtpport Specify the port femail uses on smtphost to send the messages. Default is 25. myname The hostname femail uses. Defaults to the machine's hostname. ENVIRONMENT
SMTPHOST Forward mail to the given host instead of the local host. Only consulted when not set in the config file. SMTPPORT Connect to the given port instead of 25. Only consulted when not set in the config file. SEE ALSO
mail(1), sendmail(8) AUTHORS
femail was written by Henning Brauer. BSD
August 9, 2005 BSD

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