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Pass parameter to the main script from wrapper script

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Old 02-11-2011
Pass parameter to the main script from wrapper script

I am writing a wrapper script( to one of the main scripts (
The main script is executed as following:

looks for a parameter which is a LIST(consists of different list names that need to be processed), START/END date.
I am able to calculate the start and end date but im not able to pass the LIST paramter to the
from the
So how do i pass LIST parameter from the wrapper script. This job will be scheduled in Control M.
with LIST as an argument.

This argument(LIST) should be passed as an argument to the

Here is the

#Capture the rundate whenever the script runs
echo "`date +%Y%m%d`" > lastrundate.txt
Today=`date +%Y%m%d`
Yest=`echo "$(date +%Y%m%d) - 1" | bc`
Filedate=$(cat lastrundate.txt)

#Check for today
if [ "$Filedate" = "$Today" ]; then
echo "Last rundate is today"

#Check for yesterday
elif [ "$Filedate" = "$Yest" ]; then
echo "last rundate is yesterday"

#Check for the date before yesterday
elif [ "$Filedate" != "$Today" ] && [ "$Filedate" != "$Yest" ]; then
echo "last rundate is $Filedate"
BEGINDATE=`cat lastrundate.txt | awk '{print $0 + 1}'`
fi <LIST> $ENDDATE $BEGINDATE > main_script.log 2>&1
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
echo "Not successful"
echo "Successful"

Any suggestions please!!!
Thanks in advance!

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