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Old 08-19-2004
CPU & Memory Shell script is not executing


I am trying to execute the below shell script: script name(ss1).

ss1 was given permission - 744 before executing.

name: ss1
I tried to execute $ss1 (Enter)
Its not executing.... It says that ss1 is not found:

echo $SHELL. The o/put i got is /sbin/sh.
What should i have to do inorder the shell script to be executing.

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Old 08-19-2004
$ ./ss1
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Old 08-19-2004
ss1 is in the / root directory. Even though i tried with ./ss1 it is not working it still says ss1: is not found
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Old 08-19-2004
First of all, please do not crosspost your question like that. Crossposting is against the rules.

The root directory is not a great location for your script. But to run it, use the full path:

The first line of a shell script should be something like:
#! /usr/bin/sh
or whatever shell you are using. Do you really have a line with ":wq" in your script? Or a line "name: ss1"? That would not make sense. I can't tell what lines you are claiming to have in your script.
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Old 08-19-2004
Also, it looks as if you're doing this whilst being logged in as root as your shell is /sbin/sh

I would strongly discourage you being logged in as root uneccessarily, especially if you are new to UNIX, as a wayward moment on the command line can lead to a completely useless system.

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Old 08-20-2004
Have you done a "chmod +x <filename>" ?

I'm not sure that the file would be executable with chmod 744... (I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong Smilie )

Actually on second thoughts, the error message would be along the lines of "file not executable" if that was the case...

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