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/root restore backup exec


we use backup exec to backup our linux servers... question is what if the linux server is corrupted (/root) and doesnt boot up .. how would the backup exec restore /root if the server cant even start?

woukld we have to restore to another server then boot into rescue mode and copy across using usb drive etc? or over network? is there any doc on how to ?
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svn-fast-backup(1)					      General Commands Manual						svn-fast-backup(1)

svn-fast-backup - very fast backup for Subversion fsfs repositories. SYNOPSIS
svn-fast-backup [-q] [-k{N|all}] [-f] [-t] [-s] repos_path backup_dir DESCRIPTION
svn-fast-backup uses rsync snapshots for very fast backup of a Subversion fsfs repository at repos_path to backup_dir/repos-rev, the latest revision number in the repository. Multiple fsfs backups share data via hardlinks, so old backups are almost free, since a newer revision of a repository is almost a complete superset of an older revision. This is good for replacing incremental log-dump+restore-style backups because it is just as space-conserving and even faster; there is no inter-backup state (old backups are essentially caches); each backup directory is self-contained. It has the same command-line interface as svn-hot-backup(1) (if you use --force), but only works for fsfs repositories. svn-fast-backup keeps 64 backups by default and deletes backups older than these; this can be adjusted with the -k option. OPTIONS
-h, --help Shows some brief help text. -q, --quiet Quieter-than-usual operation. -k, --keep=N Keep a specified number of backups; the default is to keep 64. -k, --keep=all Do not delete any old backups at all. -f, --force Make a new backup even if one with the current revision exists. -t, --trace Show actions. -s, --simulate Don't perform actions. AUTHOR
Voluntary contributions made by many individuals. Copyright (C) 2006 CollabNet. 2006-11-09 svn-fast-backup(1)

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