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Old 08-03-2010
Well that's certainly interesting. I didn't know any substitution whatsoever happened in single quotes...

[edit] This is special substitution that only works for the prompt variables, not in general.
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Old 08-03-2010

Originally Posted by agama
Both Kshell and bash expand variables at the time PS1 is written to the tty, and thus using $() the shell can be coaxed into doing what you want
That is what I was looking for!

Originally Posted by agama
I agree with earlier posts that suggest setting the prompt either in your profile, or the system profile, as being the smart way of doing it, but wanted to point out that it can be done this way.
Like I wrote:
Originally Posted by adderek
I would like to use more complex conditionals than in the given example.
I wanted to get this:
\$([[ \"\${0}\" != 'bash' ]] && echo \"\${0}\")\
 + "
PS1="${PS1} ^[]0;\${IGotSomethingHere} \$(x=\$?;[[ \"\$x\" != '0' ]] && echo \"ERROR \$x\")^G"

What results in printing line like: + command_executed
And modified terminal window every time an error is thrown. Before I achieved similar result with trap on ERR.

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