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Old 07-17-2010
HP UX mail problem

I am uxing HP UX mailx, I want to send mail with:

1) to list
2) cc list
3) sender address
4) mail body
5) subject
6) attachment

I am using :
(cat cc_list; cat mail_body; ux2dos file_1 | uuencode attachment.txt)|mailx -m -s "subject" -r sender@abc.com recepient@abc.com

cc_list contains
~c cc_id@abc.com

-r will disable all escape(~) characters, so cc is not working..Is there in other alternative to send mail with the 6 options.
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Old 07-19-2010
Might wanna try sendmail for that...
sendmail -t<<EoM
From: sender@abc.com
To: recipient@abc.com
Cc: cc_id@abc.com
Subject: your_subject_goes_here
$(cat mail_body)
$(uuencode attachment.txt attachment.txt)

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Old 07-20-2010
Thanks Shamrock ....it is working fine...
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