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Max no. of characters in a line

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Max no. of characters in a line


I have one problem. I am not able to enter more than 2048 characters in a single line in a file. This file contains the users I have for my network. Since one line atmost can have 2048 characters I am not able to create more than a certain number of users. Can I somehow increase this limit of max characters in a line? Is there any workaround??

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thats one line on at the command line, not in a file...
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Where from can I get information about this???
Actually the problem still happens that I am not able to add more than 2048 characters in a line in a file.
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Max number of characters in a single line
I don't believe that applies only to command lines. Many programs must allocate a buffer to hold a line. Posix is clearly encouraging them to use a buffer that is LINE_MAX bytes in size.
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why would you create a userlist w/ everything on 1 line?

readabilty and searchabiltiy is pretty much shot.

would your script still work if it was written in a column form?

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