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Perl Uploading Files

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# 15  
I just can't let this go! We updated Apache this weekend and still have the problem. It just makes me so happy. I looked in /etc/profile and and couldn't find anything about umask. I did locate umask and got this is response

I checked out the first item and got this
[root@maverickds POSIX]# cat
# NOTE: Derived from ../../lib/
# Changes made here will be lost when autosplit is run again.
# See
package POSIX;

#line 581 "../../lib/ (autosplit into ../../lib/auto/POSIX/"
sub umask {
    usage "umask(mask)" if @_ != 1;

# end of POSIX::umask

When I view, it's a very long script that has an instance of both chmod and umask. Example:
sub chmod {
    usage "chmod(mode, filename)" if @_ != 2;
    CORE::chmod($_[0], $_[1]);
sub umask {
    usage "umask(mask)" if @_ != 1;

I have no clue what the script does, though. I can load it somewhere if that would help. I also looked at at and it seems to have something to do with the problem I'm having, but I've gotten into a field I've never been before. I don't even know if what I'm looking at is relevant to my problem. Is there a server error log file that I might be able to get some error messages from? The only ones I know of are the site-based error logs.

# 16  
in my installation of solaris umask is defined at the bottom of /etc/profile. (this sets it globally for all users)

umask and chmod are built into your default perl installation. well rather the way to use them is built into perl.

the perl modules ie *.pm are written in perl. most of the time if you are looking for a way to use a function in perl use the perldoc utility.

use perldoc to find the manpages for them.

perldoc -f chmod
perldoc -f umask

it will explane how to use them.
then its a matter of how you want to implament it.

like i said in my earlier post i would implament another function when the user uploads a file to a dir.

you need to capture the dir and filename then pass that info to the chmod command.

     chmod LIST
             Changes the permissions of a list of files.  The
             first element of the list must be the numerical
             mode, which should probably be an octal number, and
             which definitely should not a string of octal
             digits:  0644 is okay, '0644' is not.  Returns the
             number of files successfully changed.  See also
             "oct", if all you have is a string.

                 $cnt = chmod 0755, 'foo', 'bar';
                 chmod 0755, @executables;
                 $mode = '0644'; chmod $mode, 'foo';      # !!! sets mode to
                                                          # --w----r-T
                 $mode = '0644'; chmod oct($mode), 'foo'; # this is better
                 $mode = 0644;   chmod $mode, 'foo';      # this is best

             You can also import the symbolic "S_I*" constants
             from the Fcntl module:

                 use Fcntl ':mode';

                 chmod S_IRWXU|S_IRGRP|S_IXGRP|S_IROTH|S_IXOTH, @executables;
                 # This is identical to the chmod 0755 of the above example.

Last edited by Optimus_P; 02-24-2004 at 10:29 AM..
# 17  
I didn't realize that's all was doing. I know how to chmod and umask with perl, I'm just really annoyed by this bug and wanted to figure it out. I've spent too much time on it now, so I'll just change the scripts to chmod manually.

Thanks Optimus_P and Perderabo for all your help on this.

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