Autosys: Check the jil load time

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Error Autosys: Check the jil load time

Hi All,
I wanted to know what time the box jobs were loaded into a particular Autosys Instance.
Is there a autosys command to find out the above? (The timestamp at which a box was loaded)

I had loaded my JIL script without outputting it to the log file.
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I think autosyslog command will work.
But I cant really run this command.

Throws me an error:
/usr/bin/ksh: autosyslog: not found

Any Help wud be much appreciated.
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You can perform a databse query

select a.job_name, b.create_user,b.create_stamp,b.modify_user, b.modify_stamp from job a, job2 b where a.joid=b.joid

which will list you all the jobs and the owner who created and at what time and also who modified it and at what time

if you want to get creation time of a specific job then use this:

select a.job_name, b.create_user,b.create_stamp,b.modify_user, b.modify_stamp from job a, job2 b where a.joid=b.joid and a.job_name = <job_name>

If the box is deleted and re-inserted then it will have the re0insertion date and time.
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Thanks whn_chips_r_dwn.
But, Here, I dont think we have any DB processing after the job is loaded.
Is this automatically done after the jil load is done?
Do i need to have any superuser rights to run this kinda query?
Thanks again.
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Just a question to trickle your mind..

If databse is not there, then where autosys stores all information??? Think

when you jil in the job then it goes into the database and the logged on service/user id is stored in the database. You can find on the google about the Autosys infrastructure.

You need to have atleast readonly access on the database or you can contact the DBA's to retireve the result of the given query.
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