check remote switch port speed setting

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Old 10-28-2009
check remote switch port speed setting


Someone told me how to check the remote switch port's speed setting on the other end of the cable, from linux. I forgot it.

Anyone knows? I checked dmesg, ethtool (haven't checked this out thoroughly) , no luck.

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Old 10-28-2009
Tbh I doubt you can do it that easily - you can only check what speed your local adapter is running at currently. That would be ethtool or mii-tool. To check what speed a port on a switch is configured you will have to login to it or use some remote tool doing that for you and check the port's settings.
You can do an upload/download test from your box via that router to get an impression what it is most likely configured. But you will not know if it is on auto-negotiation or and set speed etc. for 100%.

But if there is such a tool, let us know please.
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