Problem in read() system call in Xenomai-2.4

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Old 09-24-2009
Problem in read() system call in Xenomai-2.4

Dear All,

I am having problem with read() system call in Blocking Mode.
In my driver interrupt intimation done through RT FIFO. so i have created the RT FIFO and open the FIFO using open() system call with O_RDONLY flag and i am waiting for interrupt using read() blocking call.initally its running correctly. While handling the continuous interrupt, the read()system call is not released from blocking mode. But the driver is putting the data into RTFIFO.
This problem is happenning continuously.

Frequency of the interrupt: 700us & 7.3ms

Time Line of interrupt :

| Int1 | 700us | Int2 | 7.3ms|| Int1 | 700us | Int2 | 7.3ms|
|----------------------------------------------------------| .....
| 8ms || 8ms |

Kindly help me in this regards.SmilieSmilie
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Old 09-25-2009
I cannot find any information on RT fifo's except that they're considered "legacy" now, replaced by message pipes. One way I've found to unstick pipes and fifos is to write a newline at the end of your data, if it's buffering despite it all a newline can flush them. I have no idea if this applies to an rt-fifo. I might find more if I knew what function calls you were using to create the rt-fifo.
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