double GUI problem

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Old 11-14-2003
double GUI problem

I'm new to this forum so hi to everyone. I'm no unix expert but have having a major problem. I have developed a java GUI in win2000 and it works fine; however when I run in a unix shell 2 GUIs pop up, one is empty, the other has the usual info in it and if I kill the empty one, it kills the whole application. has anyone else ever experienced anything like this; I can'i post any code cause theres way too much of it, i'm just looking for some help!


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Old 11-14-2003
Is it an applet or an application? I have written some Java Swing programs in the past and they run sort of consistently on Win2k and Linux.
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Old 11-18-2003
it's both an applet and a application; it's very strange, cause when you kill the blank window, it's kills the whole application as well.
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