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Old 08-26-2009
shell script to parse html file

hi all,

i have a html file something similar to this.
<tr class="evenrow">
<td class="data">added</td><td class="data"></td>
<td class="data">filename.sql</td><td class="modifications-data">08/25/2009 07:58:40</td><td class="data">Added TK prof script</td>
<tr class="oddrow">
<td class="data">added</td><td class="data"></td><td class="modifications-data">filename2.sql</td><td class="modifications-data">08/25/2009 07:58:40</td><td class="data">Added TK prof script</td>

and so till filname100.sql..
i need to fetch the "filename1-100.sql" ... the rest of the html can be ignored ... can anyone help me out with doing this.

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Old 08-26-2009
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assuming all the 'files' you're interested in are '.sql' files:
nawk -F'[<>]' '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) if($i ~ /.sql$/) print $i}' myHTMLfile.html

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