How to copy folder from one server to remote one using SSH

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Old 08-24-2009
How to copy folder from one server to remote one using SSH

ok guys.

I have a Centos server running a large website I own. Its is severely struggling under the load and I am having to move to a new load balanced setup.

The servers are both remote (to me) and although I can do most things admin wise in nix, I am struggling a bit to come up with a way to transfer 4 GB of folders (one main and lots of subfiles and directories.)

I was thinking SFTP or FTP but Im not 100% on the command to use.

example info/

Server A - (the one with site on) IP 11.222.333.444

Server B - IP 12.222.333.444

For both servers

user: root
Password: password

The directors I want to copy from Server A to server B


All help is appreciated Smilie

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ok, I am able to connect to the remote machine and used SCP

scp /var/www/html/mysite root@server******:/user/folder1

then entered the relevant password. All looked fine but then I am getting this

/var/www/html/mysite: not a regular file

What do I need to change to get it to copy the whole directory??????? and all subdirectories and files? thanks


SOlved it now. Sorry mods, please close this thread or leave for others who need this info

i had forgotten to user the recursive command. (its late!!)

Got it copying over now

scp -r /var/www/html/mysite root@server1.*******:/tmp/mysite/

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Old 08-24-2009
scp -r
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