How to perform Grep on many Gzip files, Searching for Specific information

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Old 07-27-2009
How to perform Grep on many Gzip files, Searching for Specific information


I am wondering if you can assist with my question and ask kindly for this.

I have a number of files that are listed as file1.gz through file100.gz.

I am trying to perform a grep on the files and find a specific date that only resides within within one of the files. There are multiple entries within the file so I am try to also limit the amount of output with the tail or head command.

My command is something like this, although it is incorrect:

gunzip -c file1.*.gz |grep -v "Jul 25 22:16:09" | tail -n 20

Thank you kindly.
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Old 07-27-2009
You want the name of the file that has Jul 25 22:16:09 in it correct?

for filename in file*.gz
    gunzip $filename | grep -q 'Jul 25 22:16:09'
    if [[ $? -eq 0 ]] ; then
        echo $filename

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Old 07-27-2009
You might look at zgrep to simplify your answer (assuming it's available on your platform)

zgrep "Jul 25 22:16:09" file1.*.gz | tail -n 20

More info:

The Power of Z Commands - Zcat, Zless, Zgrep, Zdiff Examples (link removed)
zgrep(1) - Linux man page
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Old 07-28-2009
Thanks much to those that responded.

Will try what was suggested and advise.

Best regards.
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