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Xserver connect and run CDE session from Windows PC

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Old 07-17-2009
Xserver connect and run CDE session from Windows PC

Hope someone can help. I have 5 Unix Tru64 ver 4.0/5.1B, boxes and I'm trying to connect and run CDE session from my PC. I have tried using Reflections, and Xming with no luck. Can someone tell me what exactly needs to be running on the Tru64 boxes in order for this to work. Along with what or how the PC workstation XP Pro needs to be configured.

Telnet and Putty work just fine, I can login with a general user ID or root with no problems. I moved one of the servers next to my desk and now currently running off the same switch to take out any router issues.

Some things I've tried:

error (pid 2271): Cannot convert Internet address to host name
Entered my PC IP address into the Tru64 /etc/hosts file.

Xming - It does not show login prompt - just waits 2-3 sec and closes.

Refused connection:
Edited securettys
PC IP address:0

On Tru64 ran #xhost + to allow access by any client
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Old 07-21-2009
I don't have True64 at hand nor do I know it but basically I do it like this when I want to get a desktop login on CDE on AIX:
  • Make sure the dtlogin is running on the remote box
  • I use xcygwin as my Xserver
  • I open a dos box, change to the where the binaries of cygwin are placed
  • Issue a xdmcp query with
    Xwin.exe -query <hostnameofyourremotebox>

Voila and I get a CDE login screen. I hope it helped a bit at least.
The process is described also at

Cygwin is free and you can get it at You will have add the Xorg packages etc. after a basic installation maybe.
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Old 07-21-2009
I suppose you talking about VNC
you must to edit xinetd super server to enable VNC remote
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Old 07-23-2009
Ports were being blocked

I needed to open ports create exclusions for UDP=177 and TCP=6000 on my Windows XP Pro box. These were being blocked by Windows firewall that are pushed down from Active Directory Group Policy. XDMCP runs on these two ports.

Thank you for the replies and assistance.
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Old 07-23-2009
For those who might be reading this post but are not on Tru64 UNIX. If you have iptables installed on your server (which Tru64 UNIX does not) you also need to open these ports on your server. A quick check to see if iptables is the problem is to do a flush ( iptables - F).

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