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Conversion between different block size filesystems

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Data Conversion between different block size filesystems


this is for the first time I am using this forum.
I have one question:
When i transfer one file/directory from a Unix system,having file block size of 1024 bytes, to another Unix system ,having file block size of 512 bytes what difference can it cause in terms of file size?

When i checked using (du -sk) the values were different on different systems. what can be the probable cause for it???
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i think it might be due to the space occupied by inodes etc... since file sizes are exactly the same. only the problem is with Directories.
still i dont know the actual reason for the difference in file sizes.

i would appreciate an early response from any member.

thanx in advance.
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Every filesystem has a value the represents the smallest unit of storage that can be allocated. This might be 512 or 1024, but 512 does seem small. If you create a 1 byte file, the filesystem must actually give you its smallest unit.

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