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solaris 8 sparc kernel configuration guide

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Old 07-19-2003
solaris 8 sparc kernel configuration guide

i've scoured the net and haven't found too many items. i found one at princeton and a few things at sun's site, however, i don't find them to my level. they seem to be written for someone who is very comfortable doing what they do.

does anyone know of any good tutorial that is written similar to the FreeBSD handbooks kernel config section?
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Old 07-21-2003
Not sure what you are looking for since you would not really do the same type of rebuilding of the kernel in Solaris 8 as you would in Freebsd. You can change some parameters but you don't recompile the kernel in Solaris 8. You can check the man page for system (4) for more info.

From SunSolve (note the second line):
The SunOS[TM] 2.X kernel modules are automatically loaded when needed.This makes rebuilding the kernel unnecessary.

There are parameters for the kernel and kernel modules that can be tuned. However, it isn't necessary to change these parameters, exceptunder special circumstances.

The module variables associated with semaphores are:

Parameter Default Description
--------- ------- -----------

seminfo_semmap 10 Number of entries in the semaphore map

seminfo_semmni 10 Number of semaphore identifiers

seminfo_semmns 60 Number of semaphores in the system

seminfo_semmnu 30 Number of undo structures in the system

seminfo_semmsl 25 Maximum number of semaphores, per id

seminfo_semopm 10 Maximum number of operations, per
semaphore call

seminfo_semume 10 Maximum number of undo entries, per

seminfo_semvmx 32767 Semaphore maximum value

seminfo_semaem 16384 Adjust on exit maximum value

1. Enter a line in the /etc/system file, using the following

set semsys:seminfo_variable=value

For example, to increase seminfo_semmap from the default of 10 to 20,
add the following line to the /etc/system file:

set semsys:seminfo_semmap=20

2. Reboot the system

The kernel parses the /etc/system file during autoconfiguration
and overrides the default value for the parameters specified
in this file.

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