Reading putty command line parameters from Linux

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Reading putty command line parameters from Linux

I am running Putty 0.60 from Windows XP and I am connecting to a Linux box.
I would like to be able to pass a command line parameter to my Linux session so that my Linux session can execute a specific command, depending on the command line parameter. I have looked on the Internet and tried various ways, but cannot find the answer. I have also tried setting an environment variable, but my Linux machine tells me 'Server refused to set environment variables'. So I guess there is some setting that is preventing this. Without going to my SYSADMIN to override this, is there another way to do it?

$ uname -s -r -p
Linux 2.6.9-42.0.3.ELsmp x86_64

What I want to do is let's say pass -myvar varvalue
Then in Linux somehow query this parameter.

Can this be done?

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use the plink program within Putty

C:\utils\PuTTY>plink -ssh root@ uname -a
root@'s password:
Linux MyBookWorld #1 PREEMPT Wed Jan 17 16:13:04 GMT 2007 armv5tejl GN

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