Disable the `rm -f ` command

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Old 07-07-2003
Disable the `rm -f ` command

I wish to learn how to use the alias command in .cshrc
I need to change some Unix commands, like :
change "rm -f " into "rm -i "
or to write small scripts using alias.
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Old 07-07-2003
alias rm 'rm -i'
alias cp 'cp -i'
alias mv 'mv -i'
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Old 07-07-2003
alias rm -f 'rm -i'

I add this line to .cshrc file

alias rm -f 'rm -i'

Then exit the user and reenter again to the user .
Then i run the command
rm -f filename in the command line.
And I get error:

-f: Command not found

I am not sure that this is the way to solve it????
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Old 07-07-2003
Well, just try alias rm 'rm -i' like mib suggested ... most of the time, the -i option overrides the -f option. So if you use that alias and then someone types "rm -f", the -f option will be ignored.
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Old 07-08-2003
Disable the `rm -f ` command

I did what you told me to do.
I put the rm 'rm -i' line into the .cshrc exit the user renter again and it didn't help.

i ru the command rm -f filenam and it has been removed without asking if i am sure.
so its not working.
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Old 07-08-2003
Read this for a quick tutorial on creating aliases.

Read this to see how to make the aliases stick between logins.

You need to edit the .cshrc file in your home directory and enter each alias command on a separate line. Then it'll be there when you login next time.
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Old 07-09-2003
alias rm 'rm -i'

I add this line to .cshrc file in a separate line

alias rm 'rm -i'

Save it.
Then exit the user and reenter again to the user .
Then i run the command
rm -f filename in the command line.
And the file was removed without asking ??

I already know all the aliases rules !

If you test your suggested command you will see that its not working !

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