Fibre connection Point to Point SUN

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# 1  
Fibre connection Point to Point SUN

Anyone know of a guide or instructions for Solaris

I got to configure a SBUS HBA to talk to a tape robot.

I have done this on a switch but not point to point.

just going HBA >>>>> TAPE Fibre simple two nodes

# 2  
What is the hardware manufactor/models involved (server and tape)? What version of Solaris?

You can see if you can find it at
# 3  
I got

e4500 solaris running 8

qla hba connecting to a MSL5000 series HP tape robot

I'll check for the docs

# 4  
There is a patch that adds support through Netbackup for the MSL 5000. It's available for contracted customers.

Patch-ID# 112407-04
Keywords: NetBackup 4.5 VrtsNB_45_4_M
Synopsis: NetBackup 4.5 files fix
Date: May/08/2003

Install Requirements: None

Solaris Release: 2.6 7 8 9

SunOS Release: 5.6 5.7 5.8 5.9

Unbundled Product: Veritas NetBackup

Unbundled Release: 4.5


Add support for HP ESL9000 Series and HP MSL5000 Series robots.

(All NetBackup Servers)
# 5  
Yeah I've kinda got that bit sorted, using omniback/DP

I just really need a tool or guide of how to check for the point to point connection then I can work on the DP config changing the st.conf etc.

# 6  
Once it's connected and you do a reboot with a reconfig, then you should note changes in /dev/rmt as far as the number of tape devices.

You can use the mt command to check to see that the server is 'talking' to the tape devices.

(If you don't or can't reboot - you can try making the physical connection and then check out the man pages for drvconfig, devlinks, tapes. I forget the sequence of the commands but once you run them it should find any new tape drives.)
# 7  
this was easy when you know how,

The MSL5000 has a NSR which some config needs to be done to, I had to map the robot and drives to the NSR before the Unix box could see em

then in a file called

/kernel/drv/qla2200.conf >>> card dependant had to offer a target address matching up to the st.conf and sd.conf files

then once I had followed the configuration with omniback it was easy

had my 2 dev files in /dev/rmt
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