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Keeping an eye on all user activities

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Old 05-09-2003
Network Keeping an eye on all user activities

I am responsible for administering 6 Tru64UX servers.

I need to keep an eye on all the commands executed by all the users.

Is there a way where I can save the commands executed in a seperate folder and then keep checking the list every now and then.

How can do it ?
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Old 05-11-2003
You can use lastcomm

I used that command to track my users on AIX RS6000 Server

it outputs information about all previously executed commands that are recorded in the /var/adm/pacct file in reverse chronological order.
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Old 05-13-2003

My pacct file is empty.

how do I ensure that the file is populated
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Old 05-13-2003
start the accounting proccesses.

for a howto for aix look for the following red book on ibm website.

the title is "Auditing and Accounting on AIX"
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Old 05-13-2003
For Tru64, try the Auditing the system documentation (section 3 in the link).
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Old 05-19-2003
History is a great way to take a look at what people are doing. Should they require root access, use sudo, and enable verbose logging. To show what files are open, try losf. And from the ole' command line, w works like a champ.

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