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Which is your favourite desktop?

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Favourite Desktop (display manger)?

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# 24  
No Desktop Environment.
A Window Manager is all I want.

FreeBSD 9.0 & pekwm
# 25  
Originally Posted by Corona688
I dislike the trend of becoming more dependent on the GUI when there was no need. I also dislike the trend where KDE and the like keep incorporating Windows features everyone hates the most just to make it "familiar" instead of extending on features we want. I'd rather have tab completion for filenames than autocomplete -- tab complete at least waits to be asked before filling in a garbage wrong guess.

Worse, they're becoming the only way some bits of hardware can be used. Like bluetooth. They had excellent commandline support for it then gutted it and left it to rot. How're you supposed to automate that? Why should you need a working X server to use a bluetooth keyboard?
+1 from my side! You put very well what i was thinking the last years.

I myself use mwm (Motif Window Manager) without any "desktop" or fvwm configured to look like mwm, but i prefer mwm because it can be so simply configured. fvwm typically has a 50k-configuration file with hundreds and thousands of options.

IMHO mwm has the most elegant appearance of them all. The overwhelming majority of my windows are xterms and Mozilla sessions and the only "menu" i need is the one i get when i right-click the root window. In this menu i have several xterm-entries in different colours for the various tasks (for instance root-windows have a different colour scheme so they stand out from non-root windows).

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i used to think that i should have at least mwm on a unix desktop but since i do a lot of work in both unix and windows environments -- i actually prefer to work in ms windows and just use an xserver that would accept xterms from the servers i am working on ... this way i can cut and paste between the xterm windows and whatever windows app i am using (i.e., outlook, word, excel, etc.) ... it also helps a lot to be able to keep an eye on long unix processes while also troubleshooting windows-related issues ...
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