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Jar command nor working in centos

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Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers Jar command nor working in centos
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Linux Jar command nor working in centos

Hi All,

I have a jar file and I want to extract that jar file. I am using command

jar xf Sample_Pack.jar

After pressing enter this command returns no error and is not even executed.

Pls help
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I created a completely empty jar file and I got no output until I used "jar tvf":
$ touch fubar.jar
$ jar xf fubar.jar
$ jar xvf fubar.jar
$ jar tvf fubar.jar zip file is empty
        at Method)

Just because the command is silent and yields no results does not mean that the command did not run. My guess is that your jar file, like mine, has nothing in it that can be extracted.

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