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[LUA / DE] AwesomeWM & Vicious Widgets

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Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers [LUA / DE] AwesomeWM & Vicious Widgets
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[LUA / DE] AwesomeWM & Vicious Widgets


Allthough i dont know LUA, despite its name, i do love the window manager that was created using that language.
By now, I'm enough familiar with LUA so i could adapt (most of) the recent changes so i have vicous widgets working again - by the means of no error messages on start up.

I managed to get the wifi info back, the volume value is shown, the hdd temp too and power left/until full works now too...
It was already challenging prior to the (upstream) changes done recently (6months) as the syntax was changed (vicious).
So, i managed to fix code i dont (really) understand, but got 'used' to, according to a syntax that had changed to something that i'm yet to explore...

What i want is help with:
* "Change output volume" (button press produce error message), also neither
* CPU temp

Contents of rc.lua - most of this is copy-pasted from diffrent sites and then little modified
PHP Code:
    -- Volume widget
volumewidget wibox.widget.textbox()
button({  }, 4, function () volume("up"volumewidgetend),
button({  }, 5, function () volume("down"volumewidgetend),
button({  }, 1, function () volume("mute"volumewidgetend)
vicious.register(volumewidgetvicious.widgets.volume" Vol: <span color='" .. hlcolor .. "'>$1$2</span> | ",61"Master")
globalkeys awful.util.table.join(
Volume controls Multimedia keysVolume Up/Down Mute
.key({ }, "XF86AudioRaiseVolume", function () volume("up"volumewidgetend),
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioLowerVolume", function () volume("down"volumewidgetend),
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioMute", function () volume("mute"volumewidgetend), 
PHP Code:
-- cpu C
vicious.register(thermwidgetvicious.widgets.thermal"cpu $1 C"30, { "coretemp.0""core"}) -- ${core} ${proc}
Author example fails ?!?
vicious.register(tempwidgetvicious.widgets.thermal"Temp: <span color='" .. hlcolor .. "'>$1С</span> | ",37,"thermal_zone0")
Future try?    -- thermal_zone0 fails :(
vicious.register(tempwidgetvicious.widgets.thermal"cpu $1С",37,"thermal_zone0")
sensors|grep "Core 0" |awk '{print $3}' 
The widget used for the CPU temp is thermal.lua:
PHP Code:
-- $ cat /usr/share/awesome/lib/vicious/widgets/thermal.lua 
Licensed under the GNU General Public License v2
--  * (c2010Adrian C. <>

-- {{{ 
Grab environment
local type 
local tonumber 
local setmetatable 
local string 
= { match string.match }
local helpers = require("vicious.helpers")
-- }}}

Thermalprovides temperature levels of ACPI and coretemp thermal zones
-- vicious.widgets.thermal
local thermal 
= {}

-- {{{ 
Thermal widget type
function worker(formatwarg)
not warg then return end

    local zone 
= { -- Known temperature data sources
["sys"]  = {"/sys/class/thermal/",     file "temp",       div 1000},
"core"] = {"/sys/devices/platform/",  file "temp2_input",div 1000},
"proc"] = {"/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/",file "temperature"}
    } --  Default 
to /sys/class/thermal
type(warg) == "table" and warg or { warg"sys" }

Get temperature from thermal zone
    local _thermal 
helpers.pathtotable(zone[warg[2]][1] .. warg[1])

local data warg[3] and _thermal[warg[3]] or _thermal[zone[warg[2]].file]
data then
if zone[warg[2]].div then
return {data zone[warg[2]].div}
        else -- /
proc/acpi "temperature: N C"
return {tonumber(string.match(data"[%d]+"))}

return {0}
-- }}}

setmetatable(thermal, { __call = function(_, ...) return worker(...) end }) 
I hope these code segments are sufficant, otherwise the full config can be found at: (Vicious)

Basicly my issue is this, i dont know what to pass to the vicious.widgets (thermal,volume) to get the desired values/behaviour.

Thank you in advance

* CPU/MEM usage did work, the laptop just didnt use those much, so i didnt see any change of a flat line.
* Figured ${link} is signal strength for wifi device.
* Updated screenshot
* Added thermal.lua code, in hope of help
[LUA / DE] AwesomeWM &amp; Vicious Widgets-awesomewm-thermal-volume-issuejpg

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Heyas, keept trying...
PHP Code:
    -- INFO SYSTEM --
cat /etc/system-release uname -r
-- Fedora release 21 (Rawhide)
-- Try1:
-- Reason:      He refers to a filecat /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/temp1_input,
Folder is availablebut no file indicating to 'temp'eratur or heat.
-- Reason:     Confirms Try1its just 'temp2_input' nowalso not available on my system
But figured that file was moved even more..

At first i though i need to change the widget...
But on closer look figure i could change my rc.lua too.

Solved by changing 'orginal & working for most':
vicious.register(thermwidget, vicious.widgets.thermal, "cpu $1 C", 30, { "coretemp.0", "core"})

to working on fedora 21:
vicious.register(thermwidget, vicious.widgets.thermal, "cpu $1 C", 30, { "coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon2", "core"})

Hope this helps others too.
Cheerio Smilie

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