Unable to start vncserver

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Unable to start vncserver


While trying to connect vncserver, i am gettting below errors:
sh: /home/$USER/.vnc/$HOSTNAME:2.log: Permission denied
sh: /home/$USER/.vnc/$HOSTNAME:2.pid: Permission denied

New '$HOSTNAME:2 ($USER)' desktop is $HOSTNAME:2

Starting applications specified in /home/$USER/.vnc/xstartup
Log file is /home/$USER/.vnc/$HOSTNAME:2.log

looks like a permission issue, i don;t have any clue about where to fix.
i am starting vncserver via
 sudo /etc/init.d vncserver start


Please let me know, if you need any other information.

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Normally, vncserver runs as your id not root. For root to run vncserver, it needs to have the install in $HOME just like any user.
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