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Telnet Emulator

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Telnet Emulator

What's the best Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator to use nowadays?

# 2  
Without a doubt I'd say PuTTY

Feature rich - stable - ANSI Compliant - includes SSH, SFTP, telnet, SCP and more....

# 3  
thanks, i'll check it out!
Cheers! Smilie
# 4  
I will second that recommendation, as well as point out that it's available for more than just Win32.
# 5  
I too agree that Putty is your best choice, but here is an alternative that also supports SSH and has comprable features. Its always best to have choices!Tera Term Pro
# 6  
Well i'm using Putty too for telnet simple connection without ssh and so on.

It's easy to use and to transport but some important features are not included as looking at the buffer while displaying a big file , printing a part of the display etc

Some years before i was using GLINK but this is professionnal soft and expensive.

Is somebody know other freeware with this kind of features ?

# 7  
I came across ZOC and have been using it. it works nicely for me =)
thanks for all the suggestions.
Cheers! Smilie

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