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Appending file extensions to filenames in bash scripts

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Special Forums UNIX Desktop Questions & Answers Appending file extensions to filenames in bash scripts
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Old 05-18-2010
Appending file extensions to filenames in bash scripts


Suppose I have a variable called filename and it it contains the name of a file. I then would like to append an extension to that filename. The filename currently has no extensions.
How do I do this?

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Old 05-18-2010
Say you wanna add a .txt extension to the variable

mv $filename ${filename}.txt

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Old 05-18-2010

Thanks for your reply. It looks like a relatively easy task, however, it doesn't work on my side.

Here is my code:
First I remove the old file extension

Then I append the new extension
 mv $filename $filename.dsx

And echo the filename to see that our new file has the correct name
echo ${filename##*/}

This is my output:
$ ./ -b
mv: cannot stat `/var/local/dsx/csv/ds_pl_bsc_tester': No such file or directory
mv: cannot stat `/var/local/dsx/csv/rnChk_pos_bsc_orig_001': No such file or directory

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Old 05-18-2010

Shouldn't that be
 mv $cfile $filename.dsx

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Old 05-18-2010
Hi Scottn

This methos gives me the following output:

$ ./ -b

You see, this gives me filenames without the .dsx file extension that I desperately need.

I was looking at the renaming convention as well, still reading up on how to possibly make that work.
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Old 05-18-2010
I guess you echo at the end the variable "filename" so it prints the without extension which is correct.
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Old 05-18-2010
If you can post the complete code it will be easier to debug.

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