Solaris 10 - Compiling package from source? Different from pkgadd?

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Solaris 10 - Compiling package from source? Different from pkgadd?

Hey everyone,

I'm using a SPARC based Solaris 10 5/09 machine and want to install PHP support to it. I already have mysql and apache( came with OS, just started the proccess) installed, so this is the last thing before I can get to learning development Smilie However, there's something I'm not sure about.

I downloaded php 5.2.10 from PHP: Downloads but this is the "source". I'm thinking this is not installed via the usual package installation with pkgadd, there might be a compilation step involved.( I assume this because I downloaded the companion cd and all the packages are separated from the source - *,tar.bz2, same as the file i have. Am i wrong?)
How do I compile the source package before I pkgadd them? And, since this is php, is there something altogether different that i need to worry about?

Thank you very much for the help,
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You can get a ready compiled and packaged version of PHP from:
Sunfreeware - Freeware Open Source Software for Sun Microsystem's Solaris.

This post would have got a quicker response had it been submitted in the Sun Solaris Operating System forum.
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