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A Model-Based Privacy Compliance Checker

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A Model-Based Privacy Compliance Checker

HPL-2008-193 A Model-Based Privacy Compliance Checker - Pearson, Siani; Allison, Damien
Keyword(s): privacy, e-business organization, compliance checking, modeling, governance
Abstract: Increasingly, e-business organisations are coming under pressure to be compliant to a range of privacy legislation, policies and best practice. There is a clear need for high-level management and administrators to be able to assess in a dynamic, customisable way the degree to which their enterprise ...
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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #553
Difficulty: Medium
The standard input (stdin for short), standard output (stdout) and standard error (stderr) are three standard communication streams that are defined by most computer systems.
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japi-compliance-checker - Check backward compatibility of a Java library API DESCRIPTION
NAME: Java API Compliance Checker (japi-compliance-checker) Check backward compatibility of a Java library API DESCRIPTION: Java API Compliance Checker (Java ACC) is a tool for checking backward binary/source compatibility of a Java library API. The tool checks classes declarations of old and new versions and analyzes changes that may break compatibility: removed class members, added abstract methods, etc. Breakage of the binary compatibility may result in crashing or incorrect behavior of existing clients built with an old version of a library if they run with a new one. Breakage of the source compatibility may result in recompilation errors with a new library version. Java ACC is intended for library developers and operating system maintainers who are interested in ensuring backward compatibility (i.e. allow old clients to run or to be recompiled with a new version of a library). This tool is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU LGPL or GNU GPL. USAGE: japi-compliance-checker [options] EXAMPLE: japi-compliance-checker -old OLD.jar -new NEW.jar OR japi-compliance-checker -lib NAME -old OLD.xml -new NEW.xml OLD.xml and NEW.xml are XML-descriptors: <version> 1.0 </version> <archives> /path1/to/JAR(s)/ /path2/to/JAR(s)/ ... </archives> INFORMATION OPTIONS: -h|-help Print this help. -v|-version Print version information. -dumpversion Print the tool version (1.1.1) and don't do anything else. GENERAL OPTIONS: -l|-lib|-library <name> Library name (without version). It affects only on the path and the title of the report. -d1|-old|-o <path(s)> Descriptor of 1st (old) library version. It may be one of the following: 1. Java ARchive (*.jar) 2. XML-descriptor (VERSION.xml file): <version> 1.0 </version> <archives> /path1/to/JAR(s)/ /path2/to/JAR(s)/ ... </archives> ... (XML-descriptor template may be generated by -d option) 3. API dump generated by -dump option 4. Directory with Java ARchives 5. Comma separated list of Java ARchives 6. Comma separated list of directories with Java ARchives If you are using 1, 4-6 descriptor types then you should specify version numbers with -v1 <num> and -v2 <num> options too. If you are using *.jar as a descriptor then the tool will try to get implementation version from MANIFEST.MF file. -d2|-new|-n <path(s)> Descriptor of 2nd (new) library version. EXTRA OPTIONS: -client|-app <path> This option allows to specify the client Java ARchive that should be checked for portability to the new library version. -binary Show "Binary" compatibility problems only. Generate report to "bin_compat_report.html". -source Show "Source" compatibility problems only. Generate report to "src_compat_report.html". -check-implementation Compare implementation code (method's body) of Java classes. Add 'Problems with Implementation' section to the report. -v1|-version1 <num> Specify 1st API version outside the descriptor. This option is needed if you have prefered an alternative descriptor type (see -d1 option). In general case you should specify it in the XML descriptor: <version> VERSION </version> -v2|-version2 <num> Specify 2nd library version outside the descriptor. -s|-strict Treat all API compatibility warnings as problems. -dump|-dump-api <descriptor> Dump library API to gzipped TXT format file. You can transfer it anywhere and pass instead of the descriptor. Also it may be used for debugging the tool. Compatible dump versions: 1.0<=V<=1.0 -classes-list <path> This option allows to specify a file with a list of classes that should be checked, other classes will not be checked. -short <path> Generate short report without 'Added Methods' section. -d|-template Create XML descriptor template ./VERSION.xml -report-path <path> Path to compatibility report. Default: compat_reports/<library name>/<v1>_to_<v2>/compat_report.html -bin-report-path <path> Path to "Binary" compatibility report. Default: compat_reports/<library name>/<v1>_to_<v2>/bin_compat_report.html -src-report-path <path> Path to "Source" compatibility report. Default: compat_reports/<library name>/<v1>_to_<v2>/src_compat_report.html -quick Quick analysis. Disabled: - analysis of method parameter names - analysis of class field values - analysis of usage of added abstract methods -sort Enable sorting of data in API dumps. OTHER OPTIONS: -test Run internal tests. Create two incompatible versions of a sample library and run the tool to check them for compatibility. This option allows to check if the tool works correctly in the current environment. -debug Debugging mode. Print debug info on the screen. Save intermediate analysis stages in the debug directory: debug/<library>/<version>/ Also consider using --dump option for debugging the tool. -l-full|-lib-full <name> Change library name in the report title to <name>. By default will be displayed a name specified by -l option. -b|-browse <program> Open report(s) in the browser (firefox, opera, etc.). REPORT: Compatibility report will be generated to: compat_reports/<library name>/<v1>_to_<v2>/compat_report.html EXIT CODES: 0 - Compatible. The tool has run without any errors. non-zero - Incompatible or the tool has run with errors. REPORT BUGS TO: Andrey Ponomarenko <> MORE INFORMATION: AUTHOR
Written by Andrey Ponomarenko. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2012 ROSA Laboratory License: LGPL or GPL <> This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it. japi-compliance-checker API Compliance Checker (Java ACC) 1.1.1 May 2012 JAPI-COMPLIANCE-CHECKER(1)

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