Multi-Thread Run-time Analysis Tool for Java

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Multi-Thread Run-time Analysis Tool for Java

A tool that detects and analyzes potential data race and deadlock conditions that might occur in multi-threaded Java programs. (NEW: 03/11/2008 in eclipse)

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DACS.JAVA(7)						  DACS Miscellaneous Information					      DACS.JAVA(7)

This document describes support for Java provided by DACS. To enable Java support, DACS must be configured using the --enable-java flag. It may also be necessary to specify the location of the Java commands and include files. See dacs.install(7)[1]. Note Java support is currently very limited and should be considered experimental. It is currently only possible to call dacsauth(1)[2] and dacscheck(1)[3] using the Java Native Interface (JNI) provided. The command line arguments to both of these commands are exactly as documented in their manual pages. Each argument is passed as a String. The code is not thread-safe and is probably not suitable for being called many times within a particular process due to assumptions it makes about dynamic memory allocation. There are no immediate plans to improve or extend Java support. Using the existing capability to build the JNI layer, however, it should not be difficult for an experienced Java programmer to build upon the example Java code provided. With Java support enabled, building DACS will copy the JNI shared library and a .jar file to the library directory (default: /usr/local/dacs/lib), and the JNI include files to the include directory (default: /usr/local/dacs/include). The tools/java/jni distribution directory contains a simple script called javarun that demonstrates how to run dacsauth or dacscheck as a Java application. For example, to validate the Unix password for user somebody, run (as root): ./javarun dacsauth -m unix suff -user somebody -prompt DIAGNOSTICS
The return codes are as documented in the command's manual page. AUTHOR
Distributed Systems Software ([4]) COPYING
Copyright2003-2012 Distributed Systems Software. See the LICENSE[5] file that accompanies the distribution for licensing information. NOTES
1. dacs.install(7) 2. dacsauth(1) 3. dacscheck(1) 4. 5. LICENSE DACS 1.4.27b 10/22/2012 DACS.JAVA(7)

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