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Some Amicus Briefs in Support of Microsoft in the i4i Case - Google's as text

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Some Amicus Briefs in Support of Microsoft in the i4i Case - Google's as text

Now I've seen everything. Wal-Mart is telling the US Supreme Court in an amicus brief that the US patent system is irrational and unfair. And it points the finger of blame straight at the Federal Circuit.
Can change in the patent system be far away *now*?
Seriously, Google, Verizon, Dell, HP, HTC, and Wal-Mart, if you can believe it, have together filed an amicus brief [PDF] in support of Microsoft's petition for writ of certiorari [PDF] in the i4i patent litigation case Microsoft lost both at the District Court level and on appeal to the Federal Circuit. HP and Dell submitted amicus briefs before in support of Microsoft, back when the case was being appealed to the Federal Circuit, but after Microsoft lost again there, the crowd in support has grown. And they all give the court an earful about just how messed up the patent system has become.
It's a new day, ladies and gentlemen, when Wal-Mart gets it that the patent system is destructive to business and destroying innovation. A number of others have also filed amicus briefs, including EFF together with the Apache Software Foundation, Public Knowledge, and the Computer & Communications Industry Association. You can find more amicus briefs in Nick Eaton's article in the San Francisco Chronicle, but I thought you'd particularly like to see the Google brief, so I've done it as text, because Google uses the same firm that represents them against Oracle in the patent litigation regarding Java and Android, King & Spalding.

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