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[FreeBSD] / ports / textproc / htmlise - how to

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications [FreeBSD] / ports / textproc / htmlise - how to
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Old 11-28-2008
[FreeBSD] / ports / textproc / htmlise - how to

[FreeBSD] / ports / textproc / htmlise

I've installed this but I can't find any documentation -anywhere- on how to use it. There is no man or help switch available for this. Can anybody give me some insight on what syntax it requires or a simple example on how I can use it?
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Old 11-28-2008
I can't find good FAQ or man pages either. All I could find is : " A command line utility that formats plain text from standard input to HTML. " - the author is here - there's only link to the software. You may try to contact him, or browse the source code, thus answering your questions, though that's the harder variant Smilie
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Old 11-28-2008
Well I just sent off an email but during the interim, if anybody has any clue please post. Once or if I receive a response I'll certainly post it here.
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Old 11-28-2008
The only documention I have ever seen for htmlise is the "test.txt" in the source tarball.
Top-level Heading

    - one-item list.

This is the *** first *** paragraph, which is just normal text with nothing special
about it whatsoever. ___ This ___ is a link to my
home page; here's a link to my ___ web log, ### WWWitter, ### ___ 
for which this code is intended.

||| Photograph |||

What is  ___ a question? ___

    ``Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country''
    is a quote, and in this case it's indented like a block quote.


Here's another paragraph.

    - this is a bulleted list

        - a sub-list of the first bulleted list

        - second item of that list

          ... which has a second paragraph
    - this is the second item of the enclosing list, and the item itself
      stretches over multiple lines.


    1. this is a numbered list, the first item having the number
       one and subsequent items having higher numbers.

    2. second item

        block quote in second item

       third paragraph of second item.

            - one-item list in second item


    3. third item.

another normal paragraph.


Here is a table of some data:

        Animal      Collective noun
        ---------   --------------------------------------
        crow        murder

        goose       On the ground  In flight
                    -------------  ---------
                    gaggle         skein

        raven       - unkindness
        (which is
        like a      - a silly name

-- were these made up by mad Victorians?
We demand an answer!

	This is a paragraph indented by one tab stop.


		Two tab stops.

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