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Newbie working with Mail Server

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Newbie working with Mail Server
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Old 08-06-2008
Java Newbie working with Mail Server

I'm a PHP developer whose unix knowledge is very poor, nearly none existing; and now needs to configure the mail server (also create email user accounts) and forward them to other email addresses.

It is a Red Hat linux 2.6.18... I access the server via ssh (as root user) and restarting the apache server is as far as i go.
Any help on finding out what email server I'm currently using, how to create an email account and how to forward its messages to another email address will be very appreciated.

Many thanks!
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Old 08-06-2008
Finding out which MTA you have is a prerequisite for any of the others. Also do you want virtual users which only exist as a forward / alias in the mailer's configuration, or should the users be created as local proper Unix accounts?

Does telnet localhost 25 show anything promising? (Type quit and hit enter to make it close the connection)

Does your rpm database contain anything about sendmail, postfix, exim, qmail, or some other MTA?

Do you have log files called something like mail.log, sendmail.log, postfix.log, qmail.log, or exim.log?
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Old 08-06-2008
The server uses Apache 2, Postfix and Red Hat Linux.
The telnet connects to localhost.localdomain
220 mydomain.localdomain ESMTP Postfix

Don't know about my rpm database or logs.

I've also been told that the mail isn't handled on the server, that's run through who provided the hosting own system (and was advice to contact them and ask for access to some kind of cpanel).

Thanks a lot for the quick reply Era.

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