Edit/update an /etc/group database entry (c/c++)

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Old 06-02-2008
Edit/update an /etc/group database entry (c/c++)


I'm writing a program for managing accounts and groups in a linux system.
My problem is how to update the members of a group in the /etc/group file,if i have to add/remove those members.

total 3 variables for adding some new members to the group :

char **oldmembers=grp->gr_mem;        //members before 
char **newmembers;      //new members to be added
char **totalmembers;     //total members (new_old)

while *(oldmembers)

I cant figure out how to continue using the totalmembers pointer from the point it stopped inside the while loop,to add the newmembers now
 while *(newmembers)

so i the end i could have the total memebrs in order to use the setgrnam(struct group *grp) to parse the updated group struct

any help would be appreciated (and any different approach too)
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Old 06-02-2008
ok i'm done with adding,using the addgroup from the shell Smilie
any ideas for removing members?
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