How to compile from source code?

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Old 05-23-2008
How to compile from source code?

Hi all,

I downloaded the source code for a pkg.
But i dont know how to build from it?
I have no prior experience in building from source,so could you pls help me?

I tried ./configure(after entering into the dir containing the src codes)
but it generated some errors!!!!!
Some files .......... no ;gcc not found

This was the o/p i got where many files showed the same o/p...
But i know that gcc comes built in with solaris ,B-79a( /usr/sfw/bin/gcc)..
How to execute using this??
Do i have to pass this as an arg from the command line?

Pls assist!!
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Old 05-27-2008
Try 'export CC="/usr/sfw/bin/gcc"' before running the compile.
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