Small communication server for messaging and calling

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Small communication server for messaging and calling

just a silly question, do you know some server that can be used for simple calling (soft phone on Android) and messaging between three users? Something like Asterisk but lightweight just for family use I can add to my VPS.

Many thanks,
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rpc(n)                                                           Tnm Tcl Extension                                                          rpc(n)


rpc - A simple RPC protocol for Tcl applications. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
rpc server port Set up an RPC server listening an port port. This command returns a rpc handle that be used to register Tcl procs that will be exported by a trivial RPC protocol on top of TCP. This RPC mechanism allows us to write cooperating scripts without worrying much about the communication protocol. rpc client host port Connect to the RPC server running on host with port port. The returned client handle can be used to invoke an exported proc on the server host. rpc delete handle Delete a server or a client RPC handle. All connections associated with the handle will be closed. rpc register rpchandle proc Export proc as an RPC callable proc using the server handle rpchandle. Only registered procs can be called by RPC clients. rpc unregister rpchandle proc Remove proc from the list of exported procs on server handle rpchandle. rpc info [rpchandle] Calling rpc info without any arguments returns a list of all rpc handles that have been created using the rpc server and rpc client command. Info about a specific rpc file handle rpchandle is returned by using the optional argument. The result is a list contain- ing the tcp file handle used for the communication and the list of registered commands for a rpc handle and a list of all files that represent connections to an rpc server. This list is empty if rpchandle belongs to a rpc client. rpc# [-async] proc arg1 arg2 ... To invoke a remote procedure proc, use the same syntax as used with a local invocation preceeded by a client rpchandle. The result of the remote procedure call will be returned or an error if the underlying communication channel signals errors. The -async options can be used to invoke proc without waiting for it to complete. The async option will never return a result. SEE ALSO
scotty(1), Tcl(n) AUTHORS
Juergen Schoenwaelder <> Tnm rpc(n)

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