Middleware Documentation and logs

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Middleware Documentation and logs

Good evening:
I need your help please, I am new in Unix/Linux apps like middleware

Thare are thousands of documentation about middleware stuff but i would like to have a broader understanding about middleware apps, so i ask you the following questions:

1. In an Enterprise what i am working for there are hundreds of applications and interacting via weblogic, tomcat apache and so on. And in an Unix/Linux environment is there any way i can find any log that stores any event for applicatios interaction or requests?

2. In unix/linux i can reach out logs/events that keeps track about Applications interactions?

3. Is there any good link about middleare or applications interactions events from the basics because frankly i have no idea

I would appreciate your help in advanced
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This is very vague a request, so the answers can't be more than vague as well.

In *nix systems, logging via syslog is an essential part of the system and is also offered as a service to user programs. Any application worth its disk space let alone the money paid for it does logging, the depth, frequency, and details of which often are configurable.
For more and more precise info, you need to supply more details.
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Hi alexcol
I support a development environment for a complex software product that uses a number of different Web Apps Servers (WAS) - WebSphere or WebLogic or JBoss. In addition customers customise things by adding e.g. Tomcat servers or Jasper Reports servers etc. to meet their reporting needs.
The short answer is that you will have to dig around.
Sorry - each WAS vendor is different. Finding the log files and parsing their content for meaningful status information is a non-trivial task which requires planning and thus, demands input from the user base.
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